Raw African Black Soap

Raw African Black Soap

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What is African Black Soap? 

Authentic raw African black soap is made from locally harvested ingredients like plant cocoa pod ash, oils, and shea butter. Traditionally, the plant materials (husks, shells, or barks of plantains, palm tree leaves, cocoa pods, and Shea trees) are burned until they form a dark ash and then the ash is combined with the oils and Shea butter to form the “black” soap. 

What are the benefits of Black Soap? 

 1. Cleanses Skin

2. Good for Sensitive Skin Types

3. Soothes & Heals Eczema

4. Reduces Blemishes & Dark Spots

5. Fights Facial & Body Acne

6. Calms Psoriasis

7. Reduces Oily Skin

8. Minimizes Fine Lines & Wrinkles

9. Evens Out Dark Spots

10. Unclogs Blocked Pores

 11. Helps Fade Acne Scars

12. Soothes Razor Bumps

13. Eliminates Fungal Skin Infections

*After use, pair with our Raw Shea Butter for amazing results*